About Me
My name is Aja . I'm a 4-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 19, 2019.

My Story


There's so much we can say about Aja and how special she is to each and every one of us. Aja is our resident grass puppy. She acts way more like a dog than anyone else, she's so inquisitive and always getting into trouble. Aja walks right next to us as we walk all 17 acres looking for any issues after storms. She will bump right into you for head rubs, and she will stand by your side as you're medically working up anyone else. 
Aja is the most gentle soul, and so very young. She was pregnant when we first took over and birthed her first (and last) calf in our care, Deacon! Everyone that meets Aja can't believe how friendly she is, and she truly has impacted so many lives, and we can't wait for her to impact even more.