About Me
My name is Dottie . I'm a 7-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 15, 2016.

My Story


Dottie is SO funny and strange but we love her so much. She's mama to Bruce, and she never once made us question that she was a very good and strong mom. Dottie is our resident garbage can, and eats all things odd that most of the others won't even touch. Dottie loves leeks, limes, and anything weird. She certainly holds her own and doesn't let any of the others push her around. 
Dottie is still a bit hesitant to walk right up to people, but she warms up quickly. Seeing that she does have a punch hole in her ear, we judge her to be a bit older than some of the others. Dottie screams as soon as she sees you coming and does not stop until she gets her snacks. We promise you'll love sponsoring her!