About Me
My name is Hippo . I'm a 19-year-old girl.

My birthday is
May 24, 2005.

My Story



Hippo is our oldest lady to date. We're so glad to have her for her retirement years and stop the overbreeding and stress she must have encountered in her past life. She truly is a grass hippo. We believe she's part "dairy cow" judging by her stature and her bag, but whatever she may be, she's adorable to us. She constantly belches, she's not very lady like, and she's super bossy to the other ladies, but she's perfect in every other way. 

Being so old, Hippo unfortunately lost her calf shortly after birth. This entire experience ripped our hearts right out. Hippo tried her best, and we did too, but due to her being so old and overbred her baby wouldn't latch and gave up very quickly. After hours of bottle feeding, colostrum supplements, electrolytes, and a Madigan squeeze, her baby passed. Hippo was so distraught over her loss, we can only imagine how she must have felt after all of her years living within the industry. We love Hippo and each and every one of her personalities, and we are so happy to be her retirement home.