Ref# 003

About Me
My name is Matilda . I'm a 10-year-old girl.

My birthday is
October 19, 2013.

My Story



There's so much we can say about Matilda, but we'll try to keep it short! Matilda is one of our older ladies. It's clear she's had plenty of calves in her time. She's extremely picky about her produce, she's super sassy, but she warms our hearts and never ceases to make us laugh. Matilda is not only an amazing mom to Starchild, but when Harvey's mom passed, she immediately took over and adopted Harvey as her own. 


Cows normally don't let other calves nurse on them. They instantly know that it's not their baby, and they'll kick them out of the way. Starchild and Harvey have been best friends since birth (they're only one day apart!) and we guess Matilda could sense it. Matilda lets Harvey and Starchild both nurse on her at the same time, and she watches over both of them all day long. Her hooves are full looking after two babies, but she is such a loving, sweet girl we don't think she minds too much.