About Me
My name is Clover . I'm a 1-year-old boy.

My birthday is
May 21, 2023.

My Story


Meet Clover! Clover was rescued by a dear friend who intercepted him from being shipped off to auction for simply being a boy. Most farmers don't have a use for baby boys and off to the auction they go. As soon as Clovers search for a forever home began, we knew we had the space and resources to be able to take him in comfortably and give him the soft landing he deserved. 
Clover spent a few weeks in our home to get acclimated to humans, build a regular feeding schedule, and be sure he was well enough to go join the herd. Once he was cleared, he joined the goat gang and fits in so perfectly. Funny enough, he was named Clover before even coming to us! He sure is a lucky boy afterall.