About Me
My name is Petal . I'm a girl.

My Story



Petal came to UCFS after a fellow goat rescue asked if we could take in a pregnant goat seemingly due any day. Uppon arrival, our vet did a full work up exam on her and deemed she was not pregnant, but probably surrendered after having her babies. Petal has settled in nicely and has swiftly made her way into out hearts.

Just a few months later, we noticed Petal started rapidly gaining weight. After troubleshooting and food moderation, we called our vet back with a "what if?" and sure enough, Petal was pregnant. On October 16th, 2022 Petal gave birth to three beautiful kids; Lily, Leaf, and Thorn!

Petal loves her sweet treats like watermelon and blueberries, and she has the best time trying to climb out mulberry tree. She loves her human and non human friends and runs right to the gate as soon as she spots anyone. Petal would love for you to be her sponsor!