About Me
My name is Harvey . I'm a 2-year-old girl.

My birthday is
May 29, 2021.

My Story



Harvey was our 2nd baby born under our care. Unfortunately, after just a month after she was born her mom, Susie, passed away suddenly. We are still absolutely broken over this loss, and Harvey took a long time to heal emotionally. We sprung right into action and introduced her to a proper baby feeding schedule to ensure she received the right nutrients to grow big and strong. 

Harvey and Starchild have been best friends since birth, and Star's mom, Matilda, must have noticed that right away. In complete shock, we saw Harvey AND Starchild latch right onto Matilda, and Matilda let them both nurse! Most moms will not let any other calf that isn't their own near them, let alone nurse two babies at the same time! Harvey is such a gentle, loving little girl and we are so happy she is here with us so we can continue to give her the best possible life.