We're Undergoing a Major Renovation
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Our Hay Barn
to protect our hay supply, tractor, and other equipment from the elements.

Our Shelters
to protect our animals from the elements and provide them comfort.

Feed Lot
to provide the animals in our care with a designated feeding area.


Udder Chaos Farm Sanctuary began shortly after March 9th, 2021, when  our farm sustained a major fire - destroying our hay storage barn and our tractor storage garage. Previously owned by an elderly Vietnam Veteran, the fire ravaged the property and, unfortunately, resulted in the owner sustaining life threatening injuries. Since that tragic day, we’ve completely taken over the property, put an end to the overbreeding cycle for the poor mother cows, and have significantly improved their quality of life.

Since the animals were being bred and having their calves sold quickly, many of the heifers were scared and very unsure of humans. About two months after taking over, we were very much made aware that all the adult females were indeed pregnant, and we swiftly learned everything possible about birthing calves, having the proper supplies on hand, and hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Fast forward to today, we grew by seven cows who are all happy, healthy, and strong. Every animal in our sanctuary is friendly, affectionate, and they now love meeting new people.

We started this Sanctuary with “the cart before the horse” and since our residents are squared away, we’re now working towards rebuilding all that was lost in this devastating fire.

Phase One: Hay Barn & Storage Area

Unfortunately, the original hay barn (and an entire winter hay supply) completely burned down. We’re in dire need of a large storage barn to hold at least three months of hay storage, our tractor, and other farm supplies to keep them safe from the elements. Hay not only becomes extremely difficult to find in the winter months of New Jersey, but the prices increase since the demand is so high and supply is so low. Below are photos of where the hay barn was, and the damage the fire caused.


The fire spread out to about an acre of our property. In the photo here, you can see not only the damage to the trees on the right, but all the fence posts to the left are charred from the severity of the fire. To stop the fire from spreading, the firemen spread out all their feed and soaked the hay, making it completely unusable.

Estimated Cost: $50,000

Phase Two: Hay Wagon & Feed Lot

The current set up of the feed area is inside of their makeshift barn. We are seeking to turn their current shelter into a feed lot. This is important so we can keep their sleeping quarters clean and away from their food. Renovating this area will consolidate their waste areas and make it easier and safer to clean & sanitize. Their hay will remain dry and out of the elements, which in turn results in less waste.  This is a photo of our current hay feeder wagon. This wagon would be able to be loaded with at least six round bales of hay (4,800lbs of feed), which provides them enough grazing for about seven days. This feed system would allow the residents in our care to have 'round the clock access to food, which is vital especially during the winter months.

The wagon needs rims and wheels to be in working order again.

Estimated Cost: $5,000


Phase Three: Renovation of Shelters for our Residents


Our barn and feed area are one in the same. We are in dire need of providing our residents comfort with their own separate sleeping quarters. We’re anticipating building them their own run-in shelter to protect them from the elements and let them sleep outside of where they’re fed. At Udder Chaos, we put our residents first and are seeking their utmost comfort where they can be protected from the elements, and feel safe and secure in their cozy homes.

Estimated Cost: $20,000

No donation is too small. Every little bit helps, and every penny goes directly to the animals in our care. None of our staff is paid-- in fact many of us work more than one job. This entire renovation project is a huge undertaking, but is so needed. After everything that the animals in our care have been through, it's our mission to provide them with the best life possible. We plan on rescuing more animals from uncertainty in the future, and to do that, we need your help. 


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